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Jewelry and Clothes

The trick to apply this rule with each outfit is to check where the "eye" is attracted (the focal point). When properly made, the focus remains on "you" and your outfit should achieve this goal. Jewelry can also contribute to this, but the size of each piece or the general layout of accessories is the key. For example, layering necklaces can be beautiful but only if the visual effect on your body is not too "weighting". As such, also pay attention to the length of your necklaces. The goal is neither to truncate your neck if it is not very long, nor draw attention on a little round belly that you would hide. For more specific advice on jewelry and morphology click. Today's style rules are much less conventional than before, even at work. So you can afford a few fantasies. But not forget to match jewelry with outfit and circumstances. At the office, for example, it will not be easy to type on a keyboard with big bling-bling rings and a myriad of bracelets hanging on the wrist. Also think that jewelry will catch the eye. Placing a big brooch on a generous bust is surely the best way to focus all eyes on this part of your anatomy. Not very suitable for a meeting where you will have to argue, defend a viewpoint or persuade.